Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring is peaking…………..

It’s been a busy year already and the freezing temperatures are trying my patience, but spring is trying to show its beautiful face. The snow started to melt the other day and then we had a big snowstorm, but the freezing temperatures seem to be a slow fading memory. The warmer days are coming and I welcome them with open arms!

Speaking of beautiful faces…. my little niece showed her beautiful face to the world for the first time last week. She was perfect and everything went really well. Here is picture of her lovely little face:)



On another note, I have gone back to school this year working on my degree in graphic design. While it’s extremely time consuming and stressful, it is so much fun. I have had so much fun learning new things and having an opportunity to push myself in directions that I may have never explored before. I am working on a few things to add to my designs and offer to you all. I will keep you posted as the details unfold.