Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free Shipping Today Only...........

I have decided to offer my customers free shipping on anything purchased from my Etsy shop today.

You've got until midnight tonight (Mountain Time) to get free shipping!

(US only please)

Monday, September 29, 2008

My first showcase feature on Etsy and some new arrivals

Tomorrow my store will be featured on the Etsy Clothing showcase! I'm pretty excited and in preparation for the showcase, I have totally stocked my store with lots of new Items.

Incognito Wallets


AHpinkoIncognito3 AmyBandDotIncognito3 MustardBelleIncognito2

Brand new Hair Clips

Purplehairpretty1 Pinkhairpretty4


Oh, and I picked up the much anticipated patterns from Sandi Henderson over the weekend! Yay! I ordered a few extra, because I knew there would be lots of people who want to get their hands on those patterns. I only got a few, so grab them while you can.

They are also listed in my Etsy store:)

graciecover cupcakepincushioncover

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Completions, beginnings, and a game of tag.....


I have just finished up the last of a huge order of my famous Incognito Wallets which will be sold at several Boutique Shows this fall!


So what to do now with all this time on my hands.............. not to worry, I have a stack of to do's left. Hubby just reminded me today that he is still patiently waiting for me to add some new music to his iPod oh and there is the ad graphics I promised my father in law, and on and on. Like I said, I won't be bored any time soon.


I have made a promise to get started on those e-books I mentioned in an earlier post. I will be starting on that this week as well as listing some brand new Incognito Wallets. I've got a couple more new designs up my sleeve to be revealed very soon too.

A game of tag..............

Now for the game of tag...

Recently, Mary tagged me for the

Six Things About Me You May/May Not Know about me.....

1. I am a total Star Wars junkie. I haven't always been, but my husband has managed to get me hooked, which is a good thing, because all of my children are addicted too.

2. I am terrified of heights. Just imagining being on the peak of a mountain gives me a feeling of Hyperventilation coming on. What's worse? My husband loves to climb, so I try to overcome it occasionally.

3. I am also terrified of haunted houses. I know, I know. Stupid huh? One time my husband had to drag me out of the emergency door in a haunted house because I had hyperventilated so much that I passed out. (that wasn't the first time I passed out in a haunted house either) The people in there love it too, because they see that I am so freaked out that they prey on me and scare me until I can't handle it anymore. Stupid huh?

4. I once cried over a commercial

5. I hate exercising

6. I love reading Stephen King. I know after reading # 3 you are wondering where the connection failed. I think the touching and grabbing in the haunted house is actually what scares me more than the horror, because I love a good scary book or movie.

Now I think I will tag two of my sweet sweet friends, Kristen and Jordon

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Encore, encore!!

Due to popular demand, we have decided to extend our Farmers Market launch on eBay. I have listed this new purple paisley dress.


You can get it here.

And if you want to see the rest of the great designers' items, be sure to check out our encore launch here.