Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buy three, shipping is free!

Just listed these cuties for your fall accessorizing and I'm offering free shipping on your purchase of three or more clips from now until the end of October!

Oh and remember this post?
It snowed yesterday.... It caked us with about 1/2 inch of the fluffy white stuff. The kids made a snowman and stomped around in it for a while. Then it melted and it was nothing but a muddy reminder. Keeping my fingers crossed for just a few more days of sunshine and less than frigid temperature.

I still have lots of fun fall pictures to share, but they had to be on the back burner, because I needed to get these photos edited first.

Congrats to this beautiful couple! I will post a few shots from the wedding after the weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Is that Moi??

I got an email from one of the lovely contributors of the Trendy Textiles blog today and she has featured moi on the blog! You can read more here.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween is in the air.....

While the sci-fi channel is hosting their 31 days of Halloween....

I will be hosting contest to show a much cuter side of Halloween. For my fellow members of the Etsy street team Trendy Textiles, I am going to be hosting a costume contest!

The best part of all...........

You guys are going to be my judges!!!

I will post the fun entry photos here and on November 3rd, the voting will begin. So stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A snowflake I see?

Not quite, but it seems to be in the near future. The temperature has drastically dropped this past week as the wind has whipped through knocking all of the beautiful red and gold leaves from the trees. Fall is a beautiful time, but it always brings the chilling reminder that winter is near. I'm not ready for winter yet. The house is still only half painted, the wood is not chopped, and I'm not ready to be cold again.

Ok, now that I've complained, I can move on the fun part of winter. Hot chocolate and marshmallows, and Smores..............


It's bright... It's flirty... It's so much fun, you almost forget it's winter when you see it!

I just listed it on eBay today with AbbeyRoad and guests.

Little, T had so much fun with this photo shoot. I just have to share a few more pics with you, because she was such a little poser. My family will like this, since this is about the only time they get pictures of my kids anymore, lol.





As for the falling leaves and chilling air... We took a drive Sunday afternoon and I got some great photos. I will post them next. (first I gotta get 'em out of the camera)