Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team shop of the week…………

The very interesting Noadi’s Art is the shop of the week .

Squid Specimen Jar Necklace  - Handmade Jewelry

There's a genuine love and passion behind the scupture and jewelry that you find swimming at Noadi's. Cephalopods, fossils, crabs, and other denizens of the sea fill this shop and artist Sheryl Westleigh wouldn't have it any other way. A 27 year old Maine native, Sheryl's love for science and these unique and intelligent creatures inspires every one of her original, polymer clay creations.

From intricately tentacled steampunk cephalopods bristling with gears to quirky specimen jar pendants and platypus ornaments, you can find the perfect gift for the science lover in your life, or for yourself, in this unique shop.
Sheryl says, " I really do love the subjects I base my creations on.It's really wonderful that I've found an outlet for it that sells, and that allows me to bring in my other interests."
In addition to the Etsy Twitter Team, Sheryl is also a member of Seller Helping Sellers on Etsy, and has plenty of tips for those wanting to use Twitter as a means of promoting work and building your business.
"Make strategic use of autoposting of new items and deals. No more than 3 new items at a time. When I have deals that are scheduled to autopost, I do it no more than once every 4 hours. That seems to be a frequency that gets enough attention from my followers without becoming annoying. I also network with others who share my interests in science, etc, outside of the Etsy community, and that has led to sales. "
Sheryl's favorite thing about her art? "That I can do it for a living. And working with polymer clay is a joy, too. I love the stuff! Its so versatile." But marine animals and polymer clay aren't her only loves- she has a beautiful llama named Lauren, as well.
Noadi ships internationally to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Europe. Visit Noadi's Art at or find her on:

Free stamped octopus cards with every order, no code needed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Brand New Designs from AbbyChase…..

Finally! A new design for both Men and Women and just in time for the holidays!!


{drum roll please}





What are they??? Seat Belt Covers for adults!

I am so excited about these and have been perfecting my design and filling custom orders since my lovely friend Laurie Burkart from Burkart Farms mentioned it this past summer when she mistook one of my other items for a seat belt cover. Genius! I have been complaining about my seat belt rubbing on my neck for years, but had I thought to make one for myself? Nope, not before she said something, but after that…… I have been on a mission to create the design get every boring old seat belt covered in beauty! So I have to give credit for this wonderful idea to her. Thanks Laurie:)

Each cover is 13 1/4" long and 3 1/8" wide when snapped (6 1/4" when open flat) and will fit most standard size seatbelts. They have snap closure for convenience and are lined with a thick cushy fleece liner for comfort.


They are available in an array of designs for both men and women and make excellent gifts for the people on your list this year!


I have started listing them in my etsy store, but I am up for any custom order that you can think of.



Now I’m off to list more of these beauties in my store. Stop by and let me know what you think:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Incognito Wallets on Etsy…….


New fabrics in and these wallets came out so cute! Oh yeah, and a snap closure is available in all of them now! And shipping is FREE!!!! Get your holiday orders in now and they will ship free!!

M camera 004 copy

Joel Dewberry

M camera 018 copy

Tula Pink

M camera 026 copy

Amy Butler

M camera 004

and Jennifer Paganelli


More to come, just need to get them listed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who can resist……….

these baby blues.

 pup2a copy

Aren’t these the cutest! I just did a quick shoot of these little guys before the are sold.

You can see the whole collection of the little cuties here…..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EtsyTwitter shop of the week………….

Unique Bead and Lace Necklace (Moss Green) - Recycled Vintage Chain, Beads and Lace, Handmade Felted Wool Beads in Shades of Green


Three Peats is this weeks SOTW and I just love this necklace! Read the whole interview here and you can even get a discount in her shop.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After many months……

I have finally listed two new things on ebay! I have found myself doing less and less in the children’s clothing sector, so it is always so rewarding to see the finished product and remember how much I do love making children’s clothing. This time I decided to make something I had envisioned. There was a lot of time that went into these little sets, but I absolutely love how they turned out.


Perfect for the whole month of October and Halloween:)


Orange set available:


Black and white set available:









Bows were provided by theres*only*one*of*me on ebay

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Remember this pattern sample?



This was the Kyoko pattern by Patty from Modkid Boutique that I tested in early spring. Since the release of Patty’s patterns, I have received a lot of buzz about the samples and extra buzz about this particular one.

I thought a blog post was in order.


The fun print that I used with Patty’s fabric was one that I picked up a few years ago. It was one of those that sits there waiting patiently for it’s moment to shine. Well this turned out to be it and there are so many people want to get this fabric now. It’s an Alexander Henry print, called Picnic (or I’ve also seen it called Retro Fruit). I did some digging and it appears to be hard to find. I did find a little on Etsy and EBay, but other than that I didn’t have much luck. Some of you out there may have so good sources for “out of print” prints and if you do happen to find some sources, I would love to update my blog to help everyone out (and maybe pick up a little more for myself).  So send your sources my way:)


Anyway, thanks so much to all of my supporters for all of the praise. It truly makes my day:)

Keep smiling and sewing!



Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer fun………

Wow, this summer has slipped by so fast, I feel like I completely missed it. It’s already time for school to start and soon the snow will start to fly.


I did however, snag a ton of pictures. Getting them uploaded is another story, lol. Anyway, here are a few from our summer activities.


This first set is actually from one of the last of the summer activities in our town. There is a 3 day parade, a rodeo, and lots of shopping. We took our kids to the end of the parade and people were throwing so much candy, the kids each ended up with grocery bags full of candy! Needless to say, they were on sugar overdose for days.


shetlanpony parade1 parade2 parade3 parade4 paradecandy paradecandy1


Here are some from one of our camping trips.

 Camping0901 Camping0902 Camping0906Camping0903 Camping0904 Camping0905

These are some of the photos I got during the parade that are for sale in my etsy photo shop.


Just finished up some orders and can’t wait to get started on some fun fall stuff for the little girlies again! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Firebirdhouse Designs

Kristen Evans, the owner of Firebirdhouse Designs, loves creating unique jewelry designs and textiles from vintage and new components, as well as recycled/repurposed vintage pieces and fabrics……………………. Read the whole interview here

Vintage Ornate Moroccan and Ruby Red Trade Bead Bracelet

Shop of the week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

EtsyTwitter is going green……….

The truth is that most of us would love to be “greener” on a daily basis if we knew exactly how to do it. The old “paper or plastic” question we used to get at the grocery store has become far more complicated and it can be difficult to know what choices are truly better for our planet. A good example of this is the actual answer to paper vs. plastic, which is NEITHER as both cost the planet in terms of resources, landfills, and energy use. A better choice is to buy or make reusable grocery or market totes, like these here.


read more here….

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sand Baby………

My little one doing what she loves most…… getting dirty.


Some catching up to do….

I am finally catching my breath this week. Wow, this summer has turned out to be anything but boring. I can’t complain though. I spent some time with my lovely sister, who I wish didn’t live so far away. I spent some much needed down time camping with my family. I can’t even believe how much I enjoy getting out there and having no electronic services. My cell doesn’t even work and it leaves me with nothing to do, but decompress.

School is almost back in and that excites and frightens me at the same time. The kids grow so fast. I still need to get the family out and do some family pictures before the summer ends, but that seems to take the back burner.


Anyway…. I have some photos that I have been meaning to share with you for some time, but the slow computer issue really had to take a back seat to much more pressing issues this summer. So here are some of the photos I have been stockpiling for a slow day to share.


I did some pattern testing for Patty at ModKid Boutique in June and I have to tell you…. This pattern is amazing. There are three different styles and sizes go up to 7, so most of you who sew will find this pattern useful for someone you know. The pattern was very easy to read and use. I love the flat front waistband and there are so many possibilities. I mixed up some of the pockets and had some fun with it.

She is taking wholesale orders now. I will also be ordering some, so if you are interested in getting your retail order in early, please contact me 

You can see that I used some of Patty’s new line of fabric and I simply adore it! You can find Mezzanine here at Michael Miller.



I told them to give me a “sassy look” and this is what I got:)





They make perfect back to school pants!


I am working on some more photos to share and hope to get them up in the next couple days. More to come. Gotta run for now.