Friday, February 27, 2009

Blog Special

For my blog readers only!

I have decided to offer 2 of my most popular e-books for one low price!

First you get my famous Incognito Wallet e-book, that will walk you through step by step in the creation of your very own Incognito Tampon Wallet.

(value: $13.00)

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Plus you get my Patchy Pin Pillow e-book! (value: $5.00)


This weekend only, get them both for the low price of $12.00! (value: $18.00)

That's amazing, because you can't even buy the Incognito Wallet e-book for that price!

Blog special only and it ends Sunday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No pictures this time.......

As my younger children grow, I find myself less upset by the small stuff. So when they do something that is fairly annoying, like pounding in the flour and creating a huge cloud of dust, or using their skin as their canvas, I run for my camera before I do any scolding. So today my daughter chomped down on a pen and ended up with ink oozing out of the pen.

Well, this was a perfect opportunity to make some art on her skin and her sister's skin too. They made all kinds of pretty pictures on their hands and legs.

When I discovered their little project, I started ranting about the poisons of ink, the stains that will never come out, and the clothes that will have to be thrown in the garbage. Then my youngest says, "Mom! Take a picture of me!"


What have I done?!*!* Did I teach them that it's cool to make a mess?


Needless to say, I didn't reach for the camera, and I will think more carefully next time I reach for the camera.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Spring Cleaning Sale........

I've got spring fever and I'm trying to de-stash a little and round up some extra money for my sweet husband's Valentine gift.

I have a few slightly imperfect Incognito Wallets that I am selling at a discounted price!  The defect is so minor that it will not effect the use or how the wallet functions, it's just not "perfect" or maybe I just used the wrong color of thread, so I had to start over.  See the pictures to get an idea of what the defect is.  Price will be according to the size of the defect. Shipping is $5 and includes insurance. I can combine shipping, just email me for rates.

So if you've been waiting to get a great deal on your new Incognito Wallet, now's the time! Get them while they last:) They are all ready to ship!

I will list the imperfection and the price. I will also include a link to see more pictures. The ones for sale here are the imperfect ones, but the ones listed on Etsy or 1000Markets will be custom made and will be perfect.

So here we go........

The first one is this cute Paula Prass wallet. It was a sample I made, but I absentmindedly only sewed half way down on the pill bottle pocket. The pocket is still functional and there are no other imperfections. This is a Tampon Wallet. Want to see a perfect one? Check here.

$16 plus shipping.  SOLD


The second one I top-stitched with the wrong color thread and it has a little "blip" where the strap starts. (a blip is where the fabric puckers a little bit, but it is only noticeable if you look really hard for it.) This is a Pad Wallet. Want to see the perfect one? Click here.

Price: $18 plus shipping




Ok, this one is almost perfect. It has a tiny tiny "blip" (see above for description of blip). This is a Tampon Wallet. Want to see the perfect one? Click here.

Price: $18 plus shipping




Another little tiny blip on the left corner here. Seriously, it's so small, you can barely see it. This is a Tampon Wallet. Want to see a perfect one? Click here.

Price: $18 plus shipping



The hook and latch is slightly off center on this one. This is a Tampon Wallet. Want to see a perfect one? Click here.

Price: $17 plus shipping




This last one is the only one that I would consider "defective" because it only has 3 tampon pockets instead of 4 and it's a little uneven. I don't have this one listed anywhere, but you can see the photos of the ones that I have done that were perfect below.  Price: $10


Below is the perfect one. You can order it, but it is not the one listed for $10. You will get the one shown above for $10.




All items are "imperfect" and all sales are final, so ask questions if you have any. Please email me for purchase

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is that a fairy I see?

Why yes, I think it is.


Little fairies and mushrooms, spring colors, and a fun little Euro dress.



I've been holding on to this fabric for a few months, trying to decide what to do with it. It is so cute, I almost couldn't cut into it. Finally, I cut into it and created this fun little Euro dress that I had originally planned to offer it as a ready made item, but when I finished it, I was in love with it. So, since I can't part with it, I will offer it as a custom.


You can find it in my shop here!