Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Pitter Patter

of little feet again. It seems like yesterday when my first child was learning to walk and here I am five kids later still brought to tears when I see my baby take her first steps.
It's actually been a couple months since she took her first step and it was so adorable in a bittersweet way. It's always cute to see them grow up, but the next stage is always harder than the previous. I don't push my children now, I just try to enjoy each moment, because tomorrow may be worse.
Which brings me to the reason, or shall I say reasons for my blog absence. Kids 1 and 2 have so much homework after school that I think most days I am back in school. Who's the student here? I distinctly remember doing my time in school and gladly left that behind, but now it haunts me through my children.
Kids 3 and 4 fight constantly and kid 4 uses a blood curling scream as her defense mechanism when kid 3 is bullying her for the pen or notebook, which is the constant battle here.
Then there is kid 5.... She went from taking her first step to running through the house like a tornado ripping things out of place, eating everything in sight, ripping papers to bits, and demanding I spend every waking moment focused on her.
I do know this too will pass and soon I will have so much time to blog, you will be sick of me. So until then, stick with me and I will try to post as often as I can.

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stacie said...

Oh, please don't remind me that the "tonado" stage is just around the corner. How adorable are those little walking baby feet, though?