Saturday, March 29, 2008

A quick post for those who

have been wondering why I have been hiding out so much this week. I have been busy busy getting my listings ready for both launches I spoke of in the previous post.

I listed this adorable Mod Blossom set on eBay


For those who are curious, no, I haven't gone back to eBay for long. As tempting as it may be, it just takes too much time and my little ones need me now. I had some prior commitments with some great friends for this launch. I do plan to list once in a while for special occasions, but not often. Thanks for understanding;)

Ok now for my Etsy launch! I have started filling my shop with lots of Ginger Blossom goodies and plan to list throughout the month! So keep you eyes peeled for some new and exciting things. I am really so inspired by this fabric that I can't stop thinking of new fun things to designs. Anyway, here are some of my etsy treasures.

Little Lilly


Tropical Twirl



The ever popular Ginger Blossom Hairflower


Thanks to my sweet model and mommy, Crystal from So*Euro

I also added some sweet little Hair Daisies to my shop and they match many of the Ginger Blossom prints. So stop by my shop and check it out!


And I promise, in my next post I will share my new exciting news with you. I gotta run now since it's Saturday! Enjoy your weekend.

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