Monday, May 05, 2008

A Priddy Bag

I had the pleasure of working with Amy from PriddyCreations, hence the title. Amy is so a sweetie, and I loved working with her. I created several flowers for her to use as brooches for her bags.

I love her bags and have loved seeing my flowers accessorizing her bags. Here are the two listed on Etsy now. And I am also listing them as customizable hair clips in my store. They would make a perfect pair for a mommy daughter set.

orangebag pinkbag

pinkbrownflowerwithbag flowerbrooch1


summer said...

your flowers are oh so cute! they definately add some punch to the bag!

Abby Chase Designs said...

Thanks Summer!

Priddy Creations said...

Mandy, it was a pleasure working with you as well! Thanks so much for the post and I look forward to working with you again!!