Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Something brand new

I just listed a few things for the Trendy Textiles launch on Etsy with the fabulous Park Slope fabrics. I am offering my twirl skirt set as separates, so you can mix and match. And I have listed two brand spanking new items for Moms and Teens!


"What is it?" you ask. It looks like a wallet, it feels like a wallet....... It's more than a wallet though!

The brand new "Incognito Tampon Wallet"


It holds 4 tampons and has a pocket for pads, liners, or whatever you feel like puting in there!

There are two currently available in my shop, but if you want to have one custom made in your choices of fabric, just drop me a line.


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Anonymous said...

That really is super cute! Brilliant idea!