Monday, September 29, 2008

My first showcase feature on Etsy and some new arrivals

Tomorrow my store will be featured on the Etsy Clothing showcase! I'm pretty excited and in preparation for the showcase, I have totally stocked my store with lots of new Items.

Incognito Wallets


AHpinkoIncognito3 AmyBandDotIncognito3 MustardBelleIncognito2

Brand new Hair Clips

Purplehairpretty1 Pinkhairpretty4


Oh, and I picked up the much anticipated patterns from Sandi Henderson over the weekend! Yay! I ordered a few extra, because I knew there would be lots of people who want to get their hands on those patterns. I only got a few, so grab them while you can.

They are also listed in my Etsy store:)

graciecover cupcakepincushioncover

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