Thursday, February 19, 2009

No pictures this time.......

As my younger children grow, I find myself less upset by the small stuff. So when they do something that is fairly annoying, like pounding in the flour and creating a huge cloud of dust, or using their skin as their canvas, I run for my camera before I do any scolding. So today my daughter chomped down on a pen and ended up with ink oozing out of the pen.

Well, this was a perfect opportunity to make some art on her skin and her sister's skin too. They made all kinds of pretty pictures on their hands and legs.

When I discovered their little project, I started ranting about the poisons of ink, the stains that will never come out, and the clothes that will have to be thrown in the garbage. Then my youngest says, "Mom! Take a picture of me!"


What have I done?!*!* Did I teach them that it's cool to make a mess?


Needless to say, I didn't reach for the camera, and I will think more carefully next time I reach for the camera.

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