Friday, March 27, 2009

I promised my family an explanation....

My extended family has been wondering where I've disappeared to this past month. This is one of the many projects I have been working on and I promised my family I would explain where I have been hiding.

One of my projects included some pattern testing for Patty (aka ModKid Boutique) on her Kyoko pattern and the weather was beautiful that week. So for the first time this year, I got the girls out for an outdoor photo shoot. There was still a little snow on the ground and some mud, so we headed over to a tennis court in town and the girls had a blast. They didn't have the nets up yet, so they could just run wild in the court. They loved it, and I got some really great photos too!







I have a couple other projects that  I will share, but they aren't quite ready for release;)


glenna said...

you did get some wonderful photos!
Love those outfits too.

modkidboutique said...

Mandy, thanks so much again for all your help! Your photos were gorgeous and I am thrilled to feature them in my instruction booklet! :)


Steffi said...

How sweet! I love your outfits!Really beautiful!

Social Marketing Mama said...

...lovely designs, beautiful photography!

Sew4Fun said...

Beautiful tops, girls and wonderful photos. I've already bought this pattern I loved your version so much.

May I ask, the red/blue/sage green fabric, what designer/range is this from? It's lovely and I'd like to get some if the fabric hasn't been sitting in your stash too long and is still available. :)

zauber-a said...

Hi there - I'm stalking you. :)
no really, I just spent the past twenty minutes searching all over the net for this exact blog post (I love that these days, you are almost certain to find a blog post on everything you are looking for) because I bought the kyoko pattern and just made my first one. What does that have to do with you? Well, your gorgeous samples are in the instruction booklet and I have to admit that I fell completely in love with the red white and blue sample you made and would love to duplicate it for my daughter. So I was wondering what the fabrics are that you used?? Thank you so much!

AbbyChase said...

I just updated my blog with a post about the fabric I used in one of my Kyoko pattern samples:)
Thanks everyone!