Friday, November 20, 2009

A Brand New Designs from AbbyChase…..

Finally! A new design for both Men and Women and just in time for the holidays!!


{drum roll please}





What are they??? Seat Belt Covers for adults!

I am so excited about these and have been perfecting my design and filling custom orders since my lovely friend Laurie Burkart from Burkart Farms mentioned it this past summer when she mistook one of my other items for a seat belt cover. Genius! I have been complaining about my seat belt rubbing on my neck for years, but had I thought to make one for myself? Nope, not before she said something, but after that…… I have been on a mission to create the design get every boring old seat belt covered in beauty! So I have to give credit for this wonderful idea to her. Thanks Laurie:)

Each cover is 13 1/4" long and 3 1/8" wide when snapped (6 1/4" when open flat) and will fit most standard size seatbelts. They have snap closure for convenience and are lined with a thick cushy fleece liner for comfort.


They are available in an array of designs for both men and women and make excellent gifts for the people on your list this year!


I have started listing them in my etsy store, but I am up for any custom order that you can think of.



Now I’m off to list more of these beauties in my store. Stop by and let me know what you think:)

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