Friday, March 18, 2011

A Scentsy Party…..

My sister just started selling Scentsy and I couldn’t be more pleased! I get to order my favorite wickless wax melters and the yummiest scents while I help my sister earn cash at the same time!

Just to give you a little refresher, in case you missed my history in candle making…. I used to manufacture candles until my 3rd child was born. Then I decided that I wanted to stay home with the kids and making candles at home with small children was not an option, because of the danger involved. So I decided to retire and try something else, (which is when I started sewing).  Long story short….. Since I haven’t been making my own candles and scenting my own waxes, I have had a hard time finding quality scented waxes that have excellent scent throw. Then I found Scentsy and the rest is history.

Their waxes are high quality and the scent throw is amazing! I can start the warmer and within a few minutes the room is filled with the yummy scent and within an hour, it is making it’s way throughout the house. There are so many scents to choose from, that I have to refrain from ordering them all at once. I could easily go broke ordering scent bars;)

The best part about Scentsy, is that they are wickless! Wickless means flameless and flameless means less potential for accidental fires and such. All I can say is, they are amazing and with 5 kids running around, the last thing I need is an open flame!

Anyway, I have decided to host an online party for my friends and followers, because I think you will love them if you don’t already. And if you order online, you get special rewards… Like free shipping and half off items! It only lasts for two weeks, so don’t hesitate to order.

If you haven’t tried Scentsy yet, then now is a great time to try. If you currently use Scentsy and love it, it’s about time you order some new scents or try one of their new products, like the Scentsy Buddy, Plug-In,  or the Room Spray.





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