Saturday, October 06, 2007

I jinxed the tooth fairy.....

The other day, I was reading a post on this blog. I laughed and even commented on how funny that was. I guess I must have jinxed it, because the next day my daughter lost a tooth. She was so excited and immediately placed her tooth under her pillow. I made a red flagged mental note, (they all seem to have red flags these days though) to remember to notify the tooth fairy.
The next morning, when I woke her up for school, she came out sobbing and telling me the tooth fairy had forgotten to come. My heart sank as I wracked my tired brain for an excuse that would sooth her broken heart.
I told her that maybe since it was so late last night when she lost it, the tooth fairy had to put her on the next night. This seemed to go over ok. I made another mental note with two red flags.
After school she ran straight to her room and looked under her pillow. Not only had the tooth fairy forgotten AGAIN, but the tooth was lost. All that remained was the empty bag that it had been in. By now I am screaming to myself, "What kind of mother forgets something like that TWICE!!!!"
I ran to my purse only to see my sweet husband already there. He grabbed the dollar bills and dashed to her room. We both knew if we could find the tooth before her, we could slip the money in and hide the tooth. Sheets flying, pillows being thrown, and there it was on the matress. He grabbed it and dropped the dollars on the bed just as she jumped on the bed and asked "Did you find my tooth?"
She saw the money and looked a little confused. After a little explaining that the Tooth Fairy must have come after she went to school and had taken the tooth, she accepted that answer and forgot that she had ever felt the painful ping of being forgotten.
Instantly she was dreaming up just what she would buy with her new dollars, but I was still feeling awful.


Donna said...

Oh, I remember a couple of similar scenarios playing out at my house, too!

stacie said...

Good job! And don't feel awful, that would have been express delivery 'round here ;)