Friday, June 13, 2008

Here fishy fishy


Two weekends ago, my husband and I, and a few family members (no kids allowed) drove 8 hours North to get in on the massive Salmon run. There were so many Salmon running this year that they increased the daily limit to 5 per day! That's a lot, considering 2 years ago it was a 2 per day limit.

We thought for sure we were going to rake them in this year. Off we went with toting 6 heavy duty poles on top of this overloaded little Suzuki. Surprisingly, we didn't bottom out, but it was great on gas.

So off we went, driving and driving and still driving. "Are we there yet?" wasn't even worth reciting. We left in the evening and drove through the night. I couldn't get many pictures of the drive up there, but I had my camera handy as soon as the sun was supposed to peak over the horizon, or I mean the peaks of the mountains.

We arrived while it was still dark and found that the river was so high that most of the fishing spots were covered in water! Not to worry, we had our trusty guides with us, who knew the "backup" spots and within a few short minutes we were standing alongside the rushing river. I have to admit, it was a little disorienting to stand on the banks of such a large river with rapid swells crashing down. I couldn't believe fish could even swim in this. I was assured that they were in fact swimming in it and if we were lucky, we might catch one.


So we fished and fished, and then we fished some more. We had a couple bites and a lot of snags, but no fish for us. We finally checked into the hotel. It turned out to be a really nice hotel, which was surprising, since the town consisted of 400 people. I thought it would be a dump, but still better than a tent.

Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised and they even served cookies and milk every night.


The next day we got up and fished some more. Caught a lot more snags, because the river was so high, and we did a lot of re-tieing the most disgusting bait I have ever touched. It's colorful and pretty, but that's it.



We caught more snags than anything. Some even had us excited, but nonetheless, they were nothing more than snags.


We did have a couple bites, and that was really exciting, because they are fighters, but in the end, still nothing.

And then there were the guys across the river in the boat. They caught a couple.


We took a drive through the countryside and saw just how beautiful it is up there. They still had snow in some parts and river was so fast it was white with rapids. Beautiful.river5




We took it fairly easy the second day and just enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of the area and the fact that my kids were home, lol. It was so peaceful and this place had really great entertainment for tourists, so we ate well, and enjoyed ourselves.




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