Thursday, September 03, 2009

Remember this pattern sample?



This was the Kyoko pattern by Patty from Modkid Boutique that I tested in early spring. Since the release of Patty’s patterns, I have received a lot of buzz about the samples and extra buzz about this particular one.

I thought a blog post was in order.


The fun print that I used with Patty’s fabric was one that I picked up a few years ago. It was one of those that sits there waiting patiently for it’s moment to shine. Well this turned out to be it and there are so many people want to get this fabric now. It’s an Alexander Henry print, called Picnic (or I’ve also seen it called Retro Fruit). I did some digging and it appears to be hard to find. I did find a little on Etsy and EBay, but other than that I didn’t have much luck. Some of you out there may have so good sources for “out of print” prints and if you do happen to find some sources, I would love to update my blog to help everyone out (and maybe pick up a little more for myself).  So send your sources my way:)


Anyway, thanks so much to all of my supporters for all of the praise. It truly makes my day:)

Keep smiling and sewing!




zauber-a said...

thanks so much for updating! why oh why are all the fabulous prints no longer available?! *sniff* off to search for it!

zauber-a said...

Me again. Giddy as can be! I got the fabric at ebay from a UK seller (perfect, as I'm in Germany). She has four yards, I got two, so there are two left if you want some. :)
Retro Picnic

so now I thought I'd beg you for the fabric you used on the obi sash, because it coordinates so beautifully with the rest (and I already know what the red is). Thank you again for posting this blog entry!

Amanda said...

The fabrics are great! I just bought this pattern, and I am waiting (anxiously) for it to arrive in the mail!