Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Handmade Christmas.........

Well it wasn't a 100% handmade Christmas, but it was definitely dominated by the "handmade" theme. This isn't a surprise or much of a stretch for my sweet husband and me, but it is something to reflect on for sure.

I fulfilled some requests for Incognito Wallets for some friends and family and made some clothing and cute hair accessories for the kids, but that isn't far out of the norm here. What I really wanted to share with you are the other handmade items we gave to family members. (and some really cool ones we received too)


My sweet husband is the real artist in the family. (and he might be mad at me for posting this as he is quite modest) He is the one who makes the jewelry that I occasionally offer here and in my Etsy store, but that is only the tip of the ice berg. He currently works in the cabinetry industry outside of is painting profession and he is currently having a love affair with wood. Back in August, he decided he would try Wood Carving and see how he liked it. Well, if you know anything about him, you know that he doesn't just "try" something. Anyway, here is what he carved for his first time



which he gave to his parents for Christmas.


Then he decided to make his brother a small cedar box and here is what he came up with using some reclaimed wood.


ShanesBox3  and it wasn't really that "small" either.

We also received some really amazing gifts that were handmade. I had a Secret Santa exchange with some of the girls in Trendy Textiles and I got the cutest stuff from Island Girl.


and some of the coolest picture frames. My sweet husband's friend makes frames and he has been fulfilling all of my frame dreams this past month.

Here is just one that he built and then my sweet husband put the rustic finish on it.


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