Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall… Winter… Holidays… Already??

As I stood outside today, waiting for the bus to pick up my Kindergartner, I looked up on the C Camera 202 copy 3hill behind my house and realized that the entire mountainside has changed. Fall is here! I can’t deny it any longer, FALL IS HERE!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Fall, but it never lasts long enough here in Idaho. Before we know it, there will be snow on the ground and it will be freezing.

So I always enter Fall with a little apprehension, but the time has come, Fall is in full swing and it’s time to embrace it!

With that said…. The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and I am working on some really awesome stuff for you guys!

_9108009The past 3 weeks, I have been working hard to get some new things ready for your Holiday Gift Giving season and I am pleased to say that I have another eBook pattern that will release later this week. I also have some new items that I will be listing in my Etsy Store that will be perfect for gift giving and I am trying to narrow down a couple Create-a-Long projects that I can post here on my blog.

So, as I hurry through my never ending To-Do list trying to get lots of things ready the holidays, I am open for ideas and suggestion on what you would like to see from AbbyChase  this holiday season. Do you want more eBook patterns, so you can make things yourself? Or would you rather I make some things that are ready-to-ship for the holidays?

With all this talk about holidays and giving, it puts me in the mood to give:)

So leave me a comment and tell me what you want to see from AbbyChase this holiday season and I will pick one random comment to receive my newest eBook pattern FREE!

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