Thursday, June 09, 2011

What can you get for 5 bucks?

There’s not a lot you can get for 5 bucks anymore is there? A gallon of gas is almost 5 bucks, a couple cups of good coffee will run you over 5 bucks. Maybe one of those pre-P9164435made pepperoni pizzas will be 5 bucks (before taxes of course!) But you can get the eBook pattern to make these




HUGE 5 dollar SALE ...eBook Pattern.... Seat Belt Covers for your Car...... Just in time for Christmas........ by AbbyChase Designs




Or how about one of these seat belt covers for your car?



I remember when I was a child and my grandma would give me a quarter and tell me to get something for myself. Ha, could you imagine that now? I don’t even think they sell penny candy anymore. Life has changed and what was a quarter is now 5 bucks and today you can get these two awesome patterns for just 5 bucks!

Tell your friends, plan for the holidays in the not to far future, or just give yourself something to do this summer:) Whatever reason you like to sew, now is a perfect time to try the pattern you’ve been waiting to try at an amazing price!

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