Thursday, March 01, 2007

As Promised.........

It did snow again over the weekend and has been off and on all week.

I walked outside tonight to clear my head with the brisk refreshing air and to feel the tiny snowflakes hitting my face as they gently flurried around me.

The air is clean, the streets are covered with a beautiful dusting of white beauty, and my favorite part of all......

The "Night Bright", as I like to call it.
It is when the sky is cloudy, the ground is covered with fresh white snow, and the darkest part of the night is still light.
It looks like dawn just before the sun peeks from behind the Eastern mountains.

"Night Bright", with it's cool blue color, taunts my childlike instincts. It beckons me to come out and play. The air is brisk, but not cold. This light if faint, but bright enough to see everything.

I envision running through the powdery snow, throwing snowballs until my hands are numb, making snow angels. And most of all, leaving the stress of adult life for tomorrow.

Tonight we play like children!

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Just stopping by from the party. These are great pictures!! Happy Monday :-)