Monday, March 05, 2007

Friendship is a unique beauty...
Recently my friend Sarah posted on her blog about "Random acts of kindness". Not only did she list me, but she inspired me.
Sarah, I hope it's ok, I wanted to keep this going!
Life does sometimes leave you in a whirlwind, wondering what just happened. Life, doesn't wait for you to catch your breath, or approve of the way things are. Whether good or bad, it just happens, much of it is beyond our control, but there are some things that we can control.
I have recently experienced some things that made me take a step back and evaluate what is really important. One of the important things are friends.
Friends resemble these simple little "Bleeding Hearts" who are recognized for their unique beauty. Although these little flowers won't be stealing the spotlight at the garden show, nor will they be remembered for their size or popularity, they will be remembered for their ability to be beautiful just the way they are.
True friends are those who aren't trying to be someone they're not. They aren't tripping over themselves to get ahead of you. They aren't boasting their beauty. They are those who have separated themselves from the weeds by helping when they can, by being kind to others, but most of all, by being who they are and that is beautiful!
Thanks to those beautiful friends in my life...
Those who wish to remain anonymous (you know who you are)
My husband
My kids
My Mommy and Daddy
Jera, Michelle, and Lindsey
There are times in our life when we make an impression on a person without even trying or even knowing it for that matter. Treat others as if you are making that impression each and every time.
Thanks again Sarah for inspiring me to do something I have been meaning to do:)


Anonymous said...

Mandy, what a wonderful post. Friendship is a precious gift and I am so pleased to have been given yours.

Sarah :)
(who is crying right now...)

redmaryjanes said...

Friendship is priceless, so is your post!

Susanne said...

Stopping by to say hello from the blog party! Great post and adorable kid's clothes!