Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hubby got a new hobby!

So have I ever mentioned how many hats my amazing hubby wears? Well, he has recently added jewelry design to his artistic hats! I am so thrilled about this. I just love to share the boutique world with him and now he can share an interest in it too.

So how did this all happen you may ask. One day (of many) we were browsing the fabric store (did I mention how much he despised this) looking for notions and for some fabric for a gift for the newest member of my dear friends family!

We had all 5 kiddos with us this time, two in the caddilac of monster strollers and the only way to keep them quiet is to stroll. So hubby, doing a very good job of quieting them with fistfulls of gummi bears and strolling through the store, he stumbled on the beading section. WOW, he had handfulls of findings and we spent another hour and a finished of the gummi bears in the beading section! (and this was AFTER I was finished with my fabric shopping)

Now we enter the store armed with candy for the kiddos and much time to spare, as we split the kids (me with the majority, lol) and we do our shopping.

So anyway, I have just listed this little gem with TheJills Birthday Beach Party launch.

I also listed 2 sets from my new line of "BabyBritches" by AbbyChase

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