Thursday, June 28, 2007

I can't smell the passion bark, mommy.....

I have always had a great interest in essential oils and I have used a wide variety of pure and blended oils, but none (that I can remember) have effected me the way Cassia Bark did the first time I smelled it. I was immediately addicted, I couldn't get enough of that smell.
I searched for a bottle of my own, but couldn't find it locally, so my sister so kindly gave me her bottle.
The smell is a woodsy cinnamon scent. It is very strong and is said to energize the body (I take as much energy as I can get these days), it also can stabilize the mind and encourage the spirit. I put some on a cotton ball and put it in my vaccuum today. I was busily vaccuuming the house when all of the kids came running into the room asking, "What's that smell mommy? What's that smell?" I told them Cassia Bark. Then later this evening, my 3 year old came into the room proclaiming, "I can't smell the Passion Bark, Mommy!"
It has become a family favorite and really does revitalize me when I'm feeling a little blue.

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