Friday, August 31, 2007

Little Lovelies

Earlier this summer, I accidentally found a house whose owners were setting up for a yard sale the next day. I stopped of course, I couldn't resist a preview to the sale. I hit the jackpot this time!

First, we found those huge tractor tire tubes. (which is probably the main reason my sweet husband was so eager to stop too) Now if you're not an avid river floater, you wouldn't have an appreciation for the gigantic tubes (as I was told by my sweet husband). There were 2 and they were full of air, which means there are no holes and they are just begging for some guy to come along and take them out for a float. And best of all, we picked them up for $5. That's a savings of at least $150. Now for the task of getting them home, lol.

Then I found a tote (one of those 18 gallon totes) full of vintage goodies. Of course, I had to have it all. It is rare that I have found something like this, because I live in a town where "seamstress" is just another hat that most mothers wear and they hoard their goodies. 5 minutes later, I was trying to find a place, in our already packed car, to stick my huge tote full of lovelies that I just picked up for $15! Yes fifteen bucks. I couldn't wait to get home and sift through the pounds and pounds of vintage lace, and notions of all kinds. There were even some wonderful surprises in there.

My sweet husband stopped over there again the next day and scored some great tools for pennies.
I've come to the conclusion that there two kinds of yard sales in our area....
People who are selling junk to make money and people who selling stuff to get rid of it.
The second is my first choice of course.


stacie said...

Hm, I left you a comment on this last week, but today noticed it hadn't appeared. So- I'll just REstate how incredibly awesome this find is! An 18 gallon tote???!! That is huge! Did you even try to suppress a mighty yowlp of victory?

Abby Chase Designs said...

Yes and 18 gallon tote!!! Amazing huh? I almost ran out of there, afraid she would change her mind. My sweet husband thought I was nutty to be so excited.